Abatron LiquidWood® Wood Epox A&B Quarts


LiquidWood® epoxy wood consolidant permanently restores structural strength and durability to rotted, decayed, or dried out wood. It penetrates deeply into wood fibres to solidify deteriorated wood without the need to remove and cut out the areas that can be effectively consolidated. With LiquidWood®, a piece of deteriorated wood that could crumble under finger pressure can be restored to rigid, high-strength, durable, water and weather-resistant wood. Treated wood can be: sawed, planed, drilled, nailed, painted, routed or sanded.

Use on buildings, boats, windows, columns, decks, and any wooden architectural elements. Use also as a primer for WoodEpox®. 

Technical Characteristics: Easy to use, simply stir together equal parts A and B until fully blended. Treated wood will harden within hours. Pot life: 30 minutes. 

Abatron LiquidWood® Wood Epox A&B is available online in: 1 Pint (250 ML x 2), 2 Pint (500 ML x 2). Royal City Colours and Annacis commercial Paints can also order in 2 Gallon (2 L x 2); and 10 Gallon (10L x 2) containers.