Simiron ROK-REZ Slip-Resistant Additive


RokRez Pro Slip Additive is a micronized polymer powder that is added to SIMIRON coatings to achieve slip resistance.

**Mix only with solid color epoxies.

  • Excellent Cleanability
  • Easily Mixes Into ROKREZ PRO, 1100SL and Other SIMIRON Coatings
  • Round Shaped Particles Provide Comfortable Texture for Bare Foot Usage
  • Provides Added Slip-Resistance
  • Non-Settling
  • Will Not Affect Topcoat Color
  • Its Low-Density Allows It to Stay Suspended, Creating Even Application Texture Results
  • Stirs Easily Into SIMIRON Coatings
  • Low-Density Allows It to Stay Well Suspended for Even Application Texture Results
  • Creates Textured Slip-Resistant Surface
15 oz