Ready Seal Stain & Sealer for Wood


Ready Seal® is a professional grade wood sealant that is superior to other sealant products in terms of ease of application, maintenance and beauty of the finished project. It's a unique blend of resin, pigment, oil, and algicide that penetrates deeply into all types of wood to protect and preserve it from the elements. The UV protection in its pigment prevent wood from fading and graying - darker colors provide more UV protection. 

Ready Seal® requires:

  •  no primer - it can be sprayed, rolled or brushed onto the wood surface
  •  no diluting or thinning prior to spray applications
  •  no back-brushing and Ready Seal® will never leave runs, laps or streaks
  •  no wet-line application - the product will blend itself
  •  no specific temperature range for proper application

Colors include Burnt Hickory, Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Redwood, Mission Brown, Pecan, Light Oak and Natural Cedar. Dark pigmented colours can be mixed together.

To properly maintain wood, a light cleaning and re-coat is recommended every two years on horizontal surfaces and every three to four years on vertical surfaces. Variances in the product longevity may be caused by original surface condition, application of product, and geographic location. Ready Seal is intended for exterior wood surfaces only. 

Royal City Colours and Annacis Commercial Paints are two of three Lower Mainland distributors of Ready Seal wood stain